About Empiria.io

Empiria.io is about helping you

Anyone who works in data analysis and processing starts with questions.

  • How do I remember all these new things?
  • Will I ever know enough to get a job with this?
  • What if I don’t know math?
  • Why can I still not remember how to merge these two datasets?
  • Why do I need to go to StackOverflow all the time for simple stuff?
  • Is there any way to spend less time in Excel and automate things?

At Empiria.io I want to help you get answers to these questions and make your problems go away. To do that, I write article and guides that address the questions above, and any others you might have.

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If you want me to address a particular question you have or want to point out things that I got wrong or could do better, please send me an email at lukas at empiria.io or via the contact page